We love partnerships. With partners, we have impacted tens of thousands of global youth and women, helped victims of various natural disasters and provided humanitarian aids to homeless and underprivileged individuals.

Our strategic partners include educational institutions, embassies & consulates, national and local governments, international non-governmental organizations, nonprofits and corporations in various countries. Our partners normally work with us on a specific program or an activity.

Educational institutions
We have partnered up with various national and private universities to co-organize educational events to lecture their undergraduate students with our international speakers from different industries.

Embassies & Consulates
We have partnered up with various different embassies & consulates to implement bilateral cross-cultural and networking events that bridged foreign and local communities and strengthened friendships among them.

National & Local Governments
We have partnered up with national government agencies to implement cultural events as well as local governments to organize various speaking events with global speakers.

International non-governmental organizations
We have partnered up with numerous youth and women related international NGOs to outreach global communities, addressing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), set by the United Nations in 2015.

Nonprofit organizations
We have partnered up with various local nonprofit organizations in various countries that focus on a specific area or a subject to implement a joint program, activity, campaign or event for shared interests and mutual benefits.

We have partnered up with various types and size of corporations that are from a largest shopping mall to a largest movie theater to an airline company to a resort hotel to restaurant.


The process of becoming our partner;
  1. Fill out and send the simple partnership application to us below.
  2. Once we receive it, our team will review your application.
  3. Once it's approved, we will contact you via provided email address.

Partnership Application

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